Maximizing value and achieving superior results requires specialization and market expertise.  Michelle Sarocka is a local real estate expert with a thorough understanding of the real estate landscape in Phoenix and the surrounding communities she serves. With her expertise in the areas of marketing, property valuation, negotiating, and excellence in transaction management and client service, she makes a market for her client’s properties helping them achieve results.  To homeowners and property investors seeking to create and preserve wealth, Michelle provides unrivaled real estate investment sales and advisory services.

Michelle brings a unique blend of real estate market expertise, risk management, and business acumen to serve her clients.  Having spent over 15 years as a Vice President of Risk Management at Wells Fargo Bank, Michelle was responsible for predicting the risk exposure used to derive profitability-based pricing strategies.  Her expertise was put to use to provide recommendations to the bank’s executive management for portfolio purchases and portfolio securitizations exceeding $20 billion.  This background in business is invaluable when pricing and negotiating the sale or purchase of her client’s properties.

As the owner and managing partner of a real estate investment company and Scottsdale resident for 20+ years, Michelle has a comprehensive understanding of the Scottsdale and Phoenix metropolitan area real estate market and welcomes the opportunity to help you with any of your real estate needs.

She has always had a special interest in real estate incorporating her unique skill set into understanding the residential real estate market and serving it’s clientele.  She believes it is critical to work closely with her clients to ensure they have the real estate market knowledge and information required to make the most informed decisions whether buying or selling real estate.  Michelle understands the caliber of professional service and personal attention it takes to satisfy her clients.  She is always available to answer questions and provide guidance to serve her clients best interest.



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